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Durban, South Africa
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Polyamory support/discussion groups 
2nd-Jun-2009 11:03 am
Back when when I first stumbled across the usenet newsgroup alt.polyamory it was a revelation to me that there were others who actually thought like I did and who were having successful ethical relationships with multiple partners. And later when I attended my first real life poly meeting it felt like finally coming home. Now I'm guessing that not every poly person has the same reaction, but it is probably a pretty common theme.

So, yah...... if you're a friendly South African polyamorous, or polyamory- curious person... you're most welcome to attend one of the following. After all - you're who they are designed for:

What: Lunch
Topic : Relationship Dynamics
When : Sat, June 6 at 1:30PM
Where : Star Cafe, Euforia, 134 Davenport Road
Details : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/durbanpoly

What: Lunch
Topic : What is Cheating?
When: Sat, June 20 at 2:30 PM
Where : Watami, Greenstone Mall, Edenvale
Hosted by : ZaPoly
Details : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/zapoly/

SA Poly info : http://www.polyamory.co.za
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